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How To Think Like Jesus

In How to Think Like Jesus, Gibson equips us to think like Jesus taught us to think so that we can live like Jesus taught us to live. In this book, Gibson gives a theological framework for how to think about the issues of day, whatever they might be.

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Seven Stages of Church Planting [eBook]

SEVEN STAGES OF CHURCH PLANTING gives you a clear trajectory for the stages involved in planting churches. In this eBook, he tells the story of planting Veritas City Church (this successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way). Having planted 3 churches, as well as leading a global pastors network that is focused on strategic multiplication through church planting, these seven stages come directly from Gibson’s experience.

Also included in this eBook are the SEVEN STAGES CHECKLISTS.

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On Fundraising [eBook]

In this short eBook, Gibson gives an easy to follow guide on all things fundraising. He has raised over $2m for the work of church planting (and non-profit work) in the last 5-years. The principles here are multi-contextual and will guide you to be a successful fundraiser.

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[COURSE] Church Planted

This course is designed for sending churches, church planters, and those interested in church planting. In many ways, this is the course that birthed the organization SALT, which trains pastors to plant churches through gospel-driven leadership development.

This free course is a 10-part series:

1 – Introducing key terms
2 – A practical theology of church planting
3 – A survey of church planting in the book of Acts
4 – Creating a church planting culture through our leadership
5 – Creating a church planting culture through our preaching
6 – Creating and casting compelling vision for church planting
7 – Creating a church planting strategy
8 – Introducing the APEST model
9 – Introducing leadership pipeline
10 – Building and leading a church planting team


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