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[ONLINE COURSE] Church Planted: An Introduction to Church Planting

This is 10-part an introductory course on church planting. The aim of this course is to teach you to develop a deeper understanding of church planting, a great passion for church planting, and clear next steps for your involvement in church planting.

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[ONLINE COURSE] Tent Maker: How to Build Wealth and Leave an Inheritance to Your Children's Children

This free course is designed to help pastors and church planters create passive income streams, build wealth over time, be crazy generous, and leave a financial legacy to their grand children. We pray it serves you well in your ministry.

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[RESOURCE] The Church Planting Checklist

There are seven stages to church planting:

  1. The praying stage
  2. The preparing stage
  3. The sending stage
  4. The landing stage
  5. The launching stage
  6. The stabilizing stage
  7. The returning stage

This resources gives you a comprehensive checklist for each stage of church planting.

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[EBOOK] Seven Stages of Church Planting

SEVEN STAGES OF CHURCH PLANTING gives you a clear trajectory for the stages involved in planting churches. In this eBook, Gregory Gibson tells the story of planting Veritas City Church (the successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way). Having planted 3 churches, as well as leading a global pastors network that is focused on strategic multiplication through church planting, these seven stages come directly from Gibson’s experience.

Gibson used these SEVEN STAGES to plant Nations Church in the Washington, DC area.

Also included in this eBook are the SEVEN STAGES CHECKLISTS.

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[EBOOK] On Fundraising

Whether you are fundraising for a mission trip or a ministry, Gregory Gibson gives an easy STEP BY STEP GUIDE on all things fundraising in this short eBook,

Gibson has raised over $2m for the work of church planting (and non-profit work) in the last 5-years. The principles here are multi-contextual and will guide you to be a successful fundraiser… regardless of what you are fundraising for.


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